Germain Murillo - Graphic Designer


"German is awesome. One of the best guys we have in studio. He knows his stuff and he works really hard. I've lost count how many all-nighters we pulled last year and he always did it with a smile on his face."

"He's always working in the studio for us. I can say that he's a very hard worker, and is doing a great job taking care of all the stuff we're running through him."

"German has been quintessential in helping me learn the process here at CPB. His experience and tenure here play an integral part on the BK team because he knows were everything is on the server and can remember meetings, scripts, and mechs and who worked on them. He is a very talented and thorough DA and does great work."

"The only weakness I'll comment on is that because he is so thorough and complete, I think sometimes it takes longer for him to complete work, but at least he does preserve the quality of it".

"German is a very nice guy who works really hard. He has a lot of loyalty towards this company. And a desire to grow within it".

"German is great, nothing is too much trouble for him, he goes about his job with great pride and is always a pleasure to work with. He's a very patient and calming person who never let's the pressure of CPB bother him, and if he does he doesn't show it".

"German has been more than helpful in introducing me to BK. He knows the account like the back of his hand, and has created solid working relationships with many of its team members. German was very patient in answering all of my account-related questions on BK and his detail-oriented way of handling files served as a good lesson for my intro to the account. He is very easy to work with and always ready to lend a hand when it's needed. I think that his drive to be a perfectionist within everything from mechs to books makes him a strong asset to the studio".

"I've worked a lot with German on BK over the past few months. I've been very happy working with him. He's hard working, quick and easy to work with. And he's also willing to help out on anything at a moments notice".

"I don't work with him directly that much. But when we do - he is hard working and conscientious. Has definitely stayed late and saved us on BK many times".

"German is great. He's is my go to. I wish we had 10 more of him. He gets things done right and always on time. Never complains figures things out on his own and always with a good attitude. I have nothing bad to say I've never had a bad experience with him. Once again, my job would be 100% more productive if we had more like him".

"What a great guy, seriously. A pleasure to work with him. He's always eager to help, reliable and avail whenever you need him. He gets things done. Most outstandingly and truly important, he has this calm and wise character, that influences his environment positively – especially when things go crazy again".

"German has been a joy to work with. He is a team player and will stay until the work is done. German displays a strong attention to detail and often helps catch many errors before they go into proofing/approval process. German is also good about asking questions when he does not understand something. He speaks up when he thinks that something can be done more efficiently or when an assignment does not seem logical".

"One thing German can work on is consistency with his speed. His speed at getting work done is variable and often unpredictable. Sometimes a quick task will take him hours to accomplish, while more in-depth task may get done very quickly".

"Something I've noticed German improve on over the last year is how he applies feedback. In the past, if German got feedback that was confusing, he often would just do what he thought the CD/AD wanted, which sometimes ended up being wrong and wasting time. I have noticed German makes an effort to go speak to the AD or even CD directly if he is unclear of something, that way he gets the instructions right the first time. This follow through is very helpful and allows him to have a better report with the creatives".

"Lastly, I would like to note that German is very flexible and is able to adapt to changes in his job. He is always willing to stay late/come in early if the project calls for it and rarely complains when he has to do so".

"All in all, my work experiences with German have been pleasant ones and I hope that I will continue to work with him in the future".

Contact German: 1-303 596 2561 • • twitter: germanmurillo •